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Large Figurine

This is a very rare larger figure made by Frankenthal in 1783. It is really the perfect display piece since it has something going on on all side and is larger than the usual piece yet small enough to stick anywhere and it would look superb to say the least! I am unsure what it is supposed to represent but there are three putti on a rock base with a globe in the center on which an angel is sitting. The figures are all naked with one putto standing as if pushing the globe with a wreath and his quiver next to him, one putto is hiding under what looks to be a net and the last putto it testing the sharpness of the point of the arrow in his hands. The angel is also holding an arrow in his right hand. This figure is amazingly well modeled and painted in the typical Frankenthal fashion of the period. It is about 6.5 inches tall and the base has a diameter of about 6.75 inches. It is marked with the CT under the crown in underglaze blue underneath with the date mark of 83. The eight has the typical open parts to it so it looks a bit funny but that is the norm! The figurine is in amazing condition! The only damage after it ahving been made it the tip of the arrow in the angels hand is missing. No other damage but there are off course a few manufacturing flaws - two filled firing cracks in the base, a small firing crack in the putto's leg that is leaning against the globe and a black spot by the putto's eye that is hiding under the net. Looks like he has a black eye a bit. An amazing piece and very rare. Once I dig my books out from the boxes from the move I will see if I can find it in there! Please email me for more information or other pictures.

Price is $7499
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