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Mehlem Figurine

This is a figurine made by Mehlem using the old Höchst molds around 1887-1888. Mehlem like Damm was actually not a porcelain but an earthenware maker but they used a finer earthenware than Damm did and it was whiter too! Thus they figurines are right between Hoechst and Damm in size which is the telltale sign to ID them. Also they never actually painted their figurines so only white ones exist. Any painted ones you come across where painted at Passau after they bought the molds and the blank pieces from Mehlem. The Mehlem pieces are very well modelled and show off the detail better than Damm as well more like Biskuit porcelain really. The figurine is of a girl holding an apple and was modelled by Ries around 1780 originally. She is 4.5 inches tall and marked with the same model number as the Damm ones were - 222 and also with the blue wheel mark. The glaze is a slight blueish white. Mehlem was only around from 1886 to 1903 but all the figurines that are known are from the first few years. She is in great condition with a glaze flake to her nose. Please email me for more information or other pictures.

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