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Blue Onion Pepper Mill #2

This is a pepper mill made by Meissen in the early 20th century. It is handpainted with the famous Blue Onion design in underglaze blue. The design on this piece is lighter than the other oe I own but still quite nice. The mill is in greatt condition. The insides (metal part) here are made in France which I ahve seen before while the 19th century ones were made in Germany. The top oval hole shows a tiny bit under the round metal covering. The piece works fine but is a bit hard to turn due to rust on the metal parts - a good cleaning will take care of that with a drop of oil (food grade off course) to help it along. There is a bit of chipping to the udnerside of the lid around the central opening but it looks to have been from when it was made. The pepper mill is 4 inches tall and 2.25 inches in diameter. Quite heavy due to the metal insides. Marked underneath with the underglaze crossed swords mark, a number 17 and some other mark. Two cuts across the marks - likely because of the lighter color fo the design on the main body and the chips on the lid part. It displays perfectly and is quite nice! Also marked Germany on the bottom rim. Please email me for more information or other pictures.

Price is $349
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