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L-Series Stitching Heart Figurine

This is a fun figurine from the so called L-Series made by Meissen in the late 19th century. It was first designed by Heinrich Schwabe around 1878 and is of a cherub or cupid stitching / mending a broken heart. A really great topic for a porcelain figurine that everyone can understand. There are quite a few figures in the L-Series and they all relate to love from what I remember. The cherub is sitting on a nice tree stump with its roots going into a rocky and grassy base. The bottom has a marble type design all around and some nice gold trim. It looks amazing and is one of the best series in porcelain I think especially from this period. A very well modeled and painted piece! The figurine is in great condition with just the very tip of the needle having broken off. To be expected but could be fixed easily if need be or it looks just great the way it is. No other issues! The figure is marked underneath with the crossed swords as well as the usual incised model number, an impressed 91 and a painter's mark 60. as shown. The piece is just under 6.5 inches tall and the base has a diameter of about 3.5 inches. Please email me for more information or photos.

Price is $749
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