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Marcolini Family Group Figurine

This is a nice figurine made by Meissen in the late 18th to early 19th century. Originally designed by Michel Victor Acier around this period. I believe the model number is B17 but this one does not have it underneath. It's a nciely modeled figurine of a family. The lady is sitting on a rock while leaning on the knee of her husband with a fruit basket by her side. The gentleman is playing the bagpipes to serenade his lady (not sure that would be my instrument of choice!) while their boy is playing with his hobby horse in the back. All on a nice base with some gilded scroll work all around. The figure is hand painted perfectly! The figurine is in decent condition but needs some TLC. The fruit basket is missing its handles, the lady her left hand, the bagpipe the tops of two of the Drone ends, a finger is chipped on each of his hands, a chip to the brim of his hat, chips to the ends of the bows of his hat, the hobby horse has a little damage up top, the thing the boy is holding in his right hand is missing, a toe on the lady's foot is chipped, a firing crack in the bottom of the stump the gentleman is leaning against, a couple of chips to leaves though nothing bad, the left foot of the boy has had some work done to it and a chip to the right bottom corner of the gent's jacket. I think that covers them all. I am being very thorough but the piece does display nicely as is and all I would ahve done is the hand of the lady and it would displays perfectly. The figurine is marked underneath with the under glaze crossed swords mark with the star udnerneath as well as the letter U or something along those lines as shown. A nice older figurine that needs a bit of work to get back to perfection! The piece is 6 inches tall, 5.625 inches wide and 4 inches deep. Please email me for more information or photos.

Price is $499
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