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Girl w/Cats Figurine

This is a really nice figurine of a young lady or girl playing with a larger cat and two kittens / smaller cats. She is nicely dressed in a cwhite dress with a blue, yellow and red dot design to it, a pink apron and dark shoes. The girl has her hands areound the larger orange and white cat and is snuggling her while the one black and white kitten has her front paws on the larger cat and the brown and white kitten is just looking elswhere on the front of the base. Some grasses painted on the simple base. The figure is superbly modeled and painted as only a Meissen painter could do :) It is a very interesting piece as this model was never brought into production but is a model an independent artist made to showcase his talent and hope it is selected for production which is apprently never was. I had one other piece like this once before that was marked the same way without a model number but with the word Original impressed on the underside. It was certainly made by Meissen as the paste is correct and the painting is as well. The quality is top notch and it truly is a one of a kind which is quite rare in the world of porcelain! The piece has an over glaze blue crossed swords mark to it as well besides the original word. The side of the base is incised H. Stolz and the year 1948 so right after the war and it might explain why this superb piece never made it into production! I also bought another piece with this one that I will add to the site as well so all in all I ahve now had three pieces like this and all one of a kind. Quite interesting really! No one can copy the Meissen quality so there is no question that this piece is indeed that! The figurine is in superb condition and is first quality but it does have a hairline to the udnerside as shown which goes up the back side edge a bit. The figurine is 4.75 inches tall, 6 inches long and 3.125 inches deep. Please email me for more information or other pictures.

Price is $1999
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