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Volkstedt Boerner Figure

This is a rare figurine made by Volkstedt around 1925. Volkstedt was founded in 1762 and is one of the few makers of the Thuringia region that are still around today though I think it is part of another maker since many of them merged. This figurine is special because it was made by the famous Emil Paul Börner who later worked at Meissen and became one of the most famous modellers of this time period going mostly under just Paul Boerner. Some of my favorite modern pieces are by him! The figure is of a kid with a musical instrument strapped to his back and sitting on some bellows. Modeled in his typical fashion and painted to perfection! He reminds me of one of the characters from Max & Moritz by Wilhelm Busch which is a msut read for kids if you have never heard of them :) It's about two kids that always pull pranks though many of them are pretty bad! The piece is very much in the Art Nouveau / Jugendstil taste. I usually prefer the 18th century stuff but this one was a must have! This figurine is in perfect condition and definitely rare. It is marked with the underglaze blue mark for Volkstedt Rudolstadt used from 1915 to about 1936. Also impressed EB (for Emil Borner) 101. The figure is 5.125 inches tall, 2.75 inches wide and 4 inches deep. Please e-mail me for more information or photos.

Price is $749
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